Conditions of Parole

Standard Conditions of Parole

The following are standard conditions of parole placed on offenders:

  • Must report within 24 hours.
  • Stay within a certain area.
  • Obtain permission before changing residence or employment.
  • Obtain and maintain employment.
  • Maintain acceptable, non-threatening behavior.
  • Must not possess firearms or weapons.
  • Report any arrest within 24 hours.
  • Complete monthly written report.
  • Report as instructed.
  • Must not use drugs or alcohol or enter drinking establishments.
  • Must not break any state or local laws.
  • Abide by other written requirements.
  • Pay $40 supervision fee monthly.
  • Sex Offenders of children cannot live with anyone under 18.
  • Sex Offenders must register with WV State Police within 3 days.
  • Allow contacts at home or employment without obstruction.
  • Submit to search of person, residence or motor vehicle at any time by Parole Officers.

Special Conditions of Parole

Additional special conditions can be placed on offenders at the Parole Officers discretions. These vary from Officer to Officer.