Parole Services

Robert Arnold, Director of Parole Services

Parole Services is responsible for the supervision of all West Virginia parolees, Out of State parolees, and Out of State Probationers.

What do Parole Officers do? They supervise felony Offenders paroled from West Virginia Prisons. They also supervise Felony and Misdemeanor Offenders from other states that moved to West Virginia through the Interstate Compact. Parole Officers also assist other agencies: i.e. Law Enforcement, Protective Services, Supreme Court Probation, etc.

  • Protection of the Public is #1.
  • Deter crime by facilitating change in behavior by utilizing various community resources.
  • Provide assistance to victims of crime.
  • Provide a cost effective alternative to incarceration.
  • Provide investigative reports to Courts/Parole Boards/Institutions.

Probation/Parole Officers Mission Statement

Parole Services is dedicated to enhancing public safety, remediating the behavior of criminal offenders to acceptable community standards, protecting the interests of the victims of crime and sustaining a secure environment for all people in the State of West Virginia through active supervision techniques and the effective use of evidence-based, re-entry programming and treatment practices.

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