Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center

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  • Tel (304) 259-5241
  • Fax (304) 259-4851


141 Forestry Camp Road, Davis, WV 26260 (Tucker County)


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About the Facility

The Kenneth “Honey” Rubenstein Juvenile Center, is the state’s minimum security correctional facility for juvenile males. This facility has a capacity for 84 males ages 15 - 20. The program takes the positive concepts of military regimentation and leadership and combines them with a cognitive therapeutic approach assisting youth in decision making, behavior management and other initiatives to promote positive productive citizenship. The core aspect focus on role modeling, teamwork, communication, responsibility, accountability and high expectations along with development of healthy relationships in an all-inclusive program. Admission criteria, age 15 - 20, Male, adjudicated for delinquent offense prior to turning 18, has never been adjudicated as an adult and does not have adult charges pending, low risk of escape, low risk for violence, sexual assault and arson.


Dan Dilly

Counties Served

All 55 West Virginia counties.