Aftercare Information

The Community Resource Department (CRD) of the Division of Juvenile Services works with residents who are adjudicated and committed to the Division of Juvenile Services. Approximately 20 Community Resource Coordinators (CRC’s) are on staff in the department.  CRD services is divided into three geographic regions. The CRC assigned to a specific area in one of the regions works with residents returning to his or her area.  Another CRC is assigned to residents who cannot return directly to the community. CRC’s work with residents and families.  They conduct monthly progress reviews, attend Individual Treatment Meetings (ITP’s), attend Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDT’s), while residents are in Division of Juvenile Services custody. 
The aftercare process begins with the resident’s intake. Each resident is assigned a CRC upon intake, based on what county they are from. A court order review, and initial progress review, and the gathering of contact information on parents or (guardian), probation officer, social worker, attorney, and prosecuting attorney are all initiated by the Community Resource Coordinator.

The Community Resource Coordinator will attend an MDT for the resident as all concerned parties are invited to attend, this will occur two months prior to the release of the resident. The team will make recommendations to be included in the resident’s Aftercare Plan that will be submitted to the court for approval.  The recommendations are a product of the team meeting, which will include the resident and his or her family.

Mission Statement

The Community Resources Department is committed to collaborating with courts, families and community providers to meet the re-entry needs of adjudicated youth and their families, while providing case management to promote their successful return to society by preserving safe communities.